HS 2023

Workshop: Atlantic Crossings

Atlantic Crossings: Forms of Temporary Labour Migration around 1900

The international workshop invites scholars to examine migrants' social and economic roles across various academic fields.

Dates: October 19 – 20, 2023
Bern, Uni S, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Room S 201

For further information and registration, please contact the organisers:, or

Global Studies Talk: Planetary Hinterlands

Global Studies Talk: Planetary Hinterlands

Prof. Dr. Esther Peeren will introduce her forthcoming edited volume Planetary Hinterlands: Extraction, Abandon- ment, and Care, which considers the concept of the hinterland as crucial for understanding the global and planetary present as a time defined by the lasting legacies of colonialism, increasing labor precarity under late capitalist regimes, and looming climate disasters.

Time: 16 November 2023, 16:15 

Place: Mittelstrasse 43, Room 320

Reading Seminar: Global Currents

Global Currents: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Migration and Diaspora

The reading seminar explores interdisciplinary perspectives on the global processes of migration and diaspora.

Dates: 26.09., 24.10., 21.11., 12.12; 12.30-15.00

Poster (PDF, 214KB)