Master's in Latin American Studies

The Master program in Latin American Studies provides students with important knowledge about the history, literature and music of Latin American societies, while also examining social anthropology issues. It lays the theoretical, empirical and linguistic foundation for enabling students to understand the variety of cultural forms and practices of the European conquerers, settlers and immigrants, the indigenous population and contemporary hybrid and multicultural Latin American societies. The Master program builds upon the knowledge attained by students through a Bachelor program in history, language and literature, social anthropology or musicology.

Basic information on the study program incl. curriculum

Program director

Prof. Dr. Christian Büschges

Study counselling

Dr. Carlos Olano

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2019/09/27 The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs presents its compliments to the Embassy of Mexico and has the honour to acknowledge receipt of the latter's Note SUl-00949 dated 5th August 2019 concerning the Mexico's 2020 Schoiarships Program for Foreigners. The Department thanks the Embassy for this information, which has been forwarded to the competent Swiss authorities. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Embassy of Mexico the assurances of its highest consideration.