Master's in Eastern European Studies

"The Universities of Bern and Fribourg have the highest degree of expertise and the most diverse knowledge in all of Switzerland when it comes to Eastern Europe. With the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe – the largest specialized academic library in Switzerland for East European history and contemporary East European studies – the two universities also have at their disposal one of Europe's biggest research libraries for East European studies. All of this expertise is linked together to create a unique knowledge base in the Master program in East European Studies.

Students in the program learn about the specific political and social problems in East European societies, which are still in the midst of a transformation. Students acquire knowledge and methodological skills in the following areas: Ethnic minority issues, the management of ethnic diversity, questions of political and social transformation, democratization processes and institutional transformation. Contemporary issues and topics are addressed in courses with a deep historical-cultural focus that places such issues in the corresponding context. Students learn at least one East European language."

Basic information on the study program incl. currinulum

Program director

Prof. Dr. Julia Richers