Student Council

The most important task of the student council  is to support students during their time at university. As such they provide information and guidance on study regulations, timetables and examinations. Student council members are particularly suited to this task since they have direct experiences with studying in Bern, University regulations, application procedures and problems faced by students. In addition, they can assist new students with beginning their studies and, more generally, they foster the cooperation among students.

The student council also plays an important role in enhancing both the student experience and the course itself. They unite the students of a subject and represent their concerns in the different institutes, departments and faculties - in other words, where specific questions and care conditions are decided. The individual student councils are organized differently.

Eastern European Studies Bern/Fribourg

The study of Eastern Europe in Berne and Fribourg is especially interesting and versatile due to its interdisciplinarity and the unique participation of two universities. The study program contains hardly any obligatory events and offers numerous opportunities to tailor your studies precisely to your individual areas of interest. However, these freedoms also entail an increased co-ordination effort and demand a certain degree of self-initiative from students.

What we do

Each student of Eastern European Studies is automatically a member of the student council. Accordingly, the activities of the student council seek to benefit all students. The student council board primarily represents the interests and concerns of the student body. At the same time, it is the first point of contact for any problems that might arise. We also organize, at least once in the semester, a drinks reception where students and lecturers of Eastern European studies can get to know each other in a relaxed environment

Who we are



Gunilla Wallertz,

Responsible Project Joint Degree:

Ania Gnoińska
Lorin Criblez

Coordination Bern-Friborg:

Sara Peulic

Coordination of Events:

Sina Gloor
Carole Thalmann

Finance & Administration:

Miriam Hösli

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also look forward to any requests, input and ideas. And if anyone wants to get involved in the student council, the Executive Board is delighted to welcome new members.

Student Council Latin America Studies (LAS)

The LAS acts as a link between students and lecturers. We work to ensure that students' concerns are addressed by the responsible authorities and that the relatively young course of Latin American studies is continually improved. At the same time, we have a regular exchange with the professors and ensure that interesting offers such as workshops, events and internships in the LAS area are communicated to students at an early stage. To encourage communication and collegiality amongst LAS students, we organize a Latino event once a semester and, if you are interested, we also like to attend non-university events on Latin America. Due to the small number of LAS students, problems, questions and ambiguities can be discussed in a prompt and uncomplicated manner.

We look forward to getting to know you and to sharing our common interests.

Student Council Executive Board:

Hannah Plüss,
Malte Seiwerth,
Iván Buelvas Arrieta,