Events Fall Term 2020 – Fall Term 2021

Reading Seminar Introduction to the Theories and Concepts of Global Studies

Nachdenken über Pandemie – Einführung in die Theorien und Konzepte der Global Studies


Prof. Dr. Andrea Rota, Prof. Dr. Jens Schlieter, Prof. Dr. Thomas Späth

Datum: 13.10., 27.10., 17.11., 08.12.2020, 12:30 – 15:00 Uhr
Ort: vonRoll, Fabrikstrasse 2e und 8, Raum 002 / B 007 (siehe Flyer oder Webinhalt)
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Workshop Global Studies

Events Fall Term 2020

Material Culture in Transit. An International Conference

International Workshop

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Thomas
Dr. Boris Wastiau
Prof. Dr. Anna Schmid

Date: September 10, 2020
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Men & Masculinities under Socialism: A Social and Cultural History

International Workshop

Dr. Peter Hallama, University of Bern

Date: October 08 – 09, 2020
Location: University of Bern, Lerchenweg 36, Room F-113
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Global Studies Retreat

Global Studies Retreat


Prof. Dr. Thomas Späth

The Retreat FT2020 was cancelled!
Location: Schloss Ueberstorf
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Events Spring Term 2021

On the move: Migration in Antiquity

International Conference

PD Dr. Annick Payne

Date: March 07 – 12, 2021
Ort: Ascona, Fondazione Monte Verità, Strada Collina 84, Conference Center
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Global Afghanistan: how non-European networks shaped the modern world

International Workshop

Prof. Robert Crews, Stanford University
Contact person: Dr. Francesca Fuoli

Date: May/September 2021
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Events Fall Term 2021

Transcultural Hip-Hop: Constructing and Contesting Identity, Space, and Place in the Americas and beyond

International Workshop

Violeta Mausfeld and James Barber, University of Bern

Date: October 28 – 30, 2021
Location: University of Bern, Lerchenweg 36
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