Dr. Viola Marchi

Postdoctoral Researcher

North American Literature and Culture/Literary Theory

B 262
Universität Bern
Department of English
Länggassstr. 49
CH – 3012 Bern
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Viola Marchi

Viola Marchi studied English and Italian literature in Pisa and Bern. She received her Master from the University of Bern with a thesis entitled The Order of Creation: The Author, the Text, and the Reader in Contemporary Native American Literature. She is currently working on her dissertation on Rethinking the Common: Community and Literature Outside the Person as part of the SNF Sinergia Project “Theory and Practice of Authenticity in Global Cultural Production.” Her dissertation focuses on philosophical conceptualizations of community and the collective and on the processes of de-subjectification and de-personalization featured in many postmodern literary works in order to explore the paths the concepts of narratives of contingency and of the impersonal might open for the exploration and mapping of the ethical territory in a post-identitarian context.

Title of Doctoral Project:

Rethinking the Common: Community and Literature Outside the Person

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