Center for Global Studies (CGS)


Ms. Demurishvili holds her Master degree in political sciences from the Charles University, Prague (2018) and in Sociology from Ilia State University, Tbilisi (2015). Since 2020 she is a PhD student at the University of Bern and the member of the Doctoral Program of Global Studies. Currently she works on her PhD project about the changes and continuities in the religious during and after the Soviet Union with the focus on two post-Soviet states – Georgia and Russia. In her PhD research she explores the religious socialization of Soviet children in the period between 1930s-1960s, religious values, beliefs and practices kept in families and communities in times of the Soviet Union and focuses on nostalgia, as one of the aspects of post-Soviet religiosity. Additionally, in her PhD research she questions how the history of the religion was narrated during and after the collapse of the Soviet regime in memory sites, such are: state/national museums, and other memory sites.


Soviet and Post-Soviet Religiosity and Nostalgia toward the Past in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Georgia and Russia


Dr. habil. Carmen Scheide (Universität Bern)