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Tracking down commercial adoptions from Sri Lanka

With adoptions from Sri Lanka, Francesca Falk and Danielle Berthet explore a dark Swiss chapter that has already led to criticism from the UN. Their new report for the canton of St. Gallen shows: The authorities failed to comply with essential legal requirements in adoption procedures.


Cambiamenti climatici e le Migrazioni forzate

Conference on Climate Change and Forced Migration to be held on Friday 13 May, 19:30 at the Catholic Mission in Bern. Father Antonio Grasso and Christian Massetti from the group Volunteers for Refugees will present.


Simply politics: good refugees, bad refugees

Contribution on the history of the humanitarian tradition in Switzerland. In the SRF program Echo der Zeit, Dr. Francesca Falk, lecturer for migration history at the Historical Institute of the University of Bern, comments on the topic

Podcast (german)

Program CGS Forum

The program for the CGS Forum, which will take place on May 14 at the PROGR on the small stage, is online

Program (german)

Program Research Morning

The program of the Research Morning which is taking place on May 15 in room 016 at the Mittelstrasse 43 is online

Program (german)

"You have to give women time"

Interview by Sabine Strasser and Julia Richers in the Tagesanzeiger

Article (german)

Anthropology Talks: Crisis at the Border

Anthropology Talks with Didier Fassin, Anne-Claire Defossez, Judith Marcou and Lorenzo Alunni




Wie Migrantinnen die Schweizer Frauenrechte vorantrieben

SRF Radiointerview mit Dr. Francesca Falk vom Historischen Institut. Sie erklärt den Einfluss, welchen Migrantinnen auf die Schweizer Emanzipationsbewegung ausübten.

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