City Sonic Ecology: Urban Soundscapes of Bern, Ljubljana, and Belgrade

Gefördert vom SCOPES-Programm des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds
Projektdauer: 2014-2017
Webseite: (nicht mehr online)

This trilateral project of the cities of Berne, Ljubljana, and Belgrade explores the phenomenon of the urban soundscape and its potential and role in shaping the affective economies. Interrelating approaches of urban ethnomusicology, soundscape research, and affective theory, this project investigates how humans living in the city invest their hearing capacities in the various kinds of identity building and politics of belonging. City Sonic Ecology particularly focuses on dichotomies in urban soundscapes, such as invisible vs. symbolic, private vs. public, and noise vs. music by focusing on three broader themes:

  1. Religious city soundscapes (church bells, mosques, street religious performances)
  2. Urban soundscapes as places of political participation
  3. Individual city soundscapes – mobile music, technology and public space


Wissenschaftlicher Assistent und Koordinator


Team 1 (Universität Belgrad):

Prof. Dr. Ivana Medić (Team-Leitung), Dr Srđan Atanasovski, Marija Dumnić, Serbia, Dr. Biljana Leković

Team 2 (Universität Lubljana):

Prof. Dr. Ana Hofman (Team-Leitung); Dr. Tanja Petrović, Dr. Mojca Kovačič, Dr. Martin Pogačar.